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Articles by Mike F. Thomson,

Your Personal Trainer


The right balance of macros including carbs will reverse your pre diabetic symptoms and make your levels much better I have done that for people through manipulating carbs the right way not getting rid or minimizing them to a dangerous level.

Sure this diet will work outwardly but internally causes problems you're not aware of, studies have proven this!

Also, you will lose muscle and why lose muscle when you can feel and look healthier.

Complex carbs do not spike glucose, simple carbs do (sugar saturated carbs).

Eating totally clean if your metabolism isn’t burning off more then your consuming will turn into simple sugars and be counter productive, so it’s important to have all the macros in your diet but balance them according to the individual.

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As I help all my Clients through the process, whether it be for competition prep, to lose weight, to gain weight or to gain muscle. I am excited to experience the journey along side them in the realization of what one can do when they put their mind to it.Our mind will fail before our body will, pushing your body through the process and then some, is what accomplishes what one otherwise thought they couldn't accomplish to begin with, which is why we talk ourselves out of reaching that desired goal and hence give up.

Convince your mind "I Can and I Will" and don't let anything shatter your goals and/or dreams. Do it for You and believe in yourself and nothing will stop you.

I want to Thank each and everyone who has put their trust and confidence in me and in the process, it is my passion and my Joy to stand alongside each one of you and help you reach your goals however big or small.

Iron Sharpens Iron Prov 27:17


I have noticed people being ridiculed for putting pics of their transformation or competition up. I understand some put them up for selfish reasons, but understand that some just want others to see them in a different way.


There are so many that are insecure with the way they look, but going through this process creates both physical and mental changes. It takes them from being very unhappy to happiness, from being insecure to having self worth. It redirects focus away from drugs, and alcohol, from all kinds of dependencies to structure and discipline.

As a Coach I would rather build people up mentally as opposed to physically. I feel that everything else will develop and success will follow overcoming their negative thinking. To those I work with, ignore Family as well as friends that do not see your positive growth.


Keep pressing forward to that mark that redefines you in a positive way. You will be that inspiration to the one who needs it next. Be sensitive, you don't know a person's and why they decided to take on such a different challenge.

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