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Gallery of Success

Bikini Queens 1.jpg
Angie Bragg

Angie Bragg in her First Bikini Competition. GBO Porter Classic 2021. She won all the First Places in all classes she competed. 1st Place Bikini Open, 1st Place Bikini Novice 1st Place Shape

Russell James and Mike

Russell in his 1st Competition where he placed top 5.

Darci Page with Mike

Darci at her 1st Competition.

Dannie Davis and Mike

Dannie in his 1st Competition. He placed in 1st Place Men's Physique and 1st in Overall to win the whole competition.

Candace Hodge with Mike

Candace's 1st Competition.

Cooper and Mike

Cooper in his 1st Competition where he won 1st Place in his Class- Men's Physique.

Jacqueline Harris with Mike

Jacqueline in her 1st Competition where she took the top five in the bikini competition

Dr. Chuck Mason and Mike

Dr. Chuck in his 1st Competition where he won 1st Place

Jessica Copeland and Mike

Jessica in her 1st Competition.

Jessica Copeland, Mike and Vanessa Clanton

Jessica and Vanessa in their 1st Competition.

Kelci Mason with Mike

Kelci in her 1st Competition. She made an extraordinary transformation.

Brandy Nicole Richmond with Mike

Brandy in her 1st Competition. Mike was very proud of her commitment and determination

Kelci, Mike and Nicole

Kelci and Nicole at their 1st show in Bikini. They were competing together in different classes.

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