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Here you will find a collection of testimonials and personal stories of success and determination I am grateful for sharing your testimonials, and I am honored to have been part of your fitness journey.

San Antonio

Selena Pixton

Mike has helped several of my family members lose weight and I decided I wanted to compete in my first body building show. I reached out and he was more than happy to prep me! I not only look the way I want to, but he helped me lose 22 pounds for my show! He has taught me how to properly weight train and diet correctly and effectively. He is very attentive and supportive and genuinely cares about your goals. He checks in on you and makes sure you’re staying on track! My schedule was pretty busy during my competition prep, but we figured out ways around it and accomplished my personal goals. i have never been more confident in my body and I feel like I have learned so much about the right foods to eat. I can’t wait to use Mike again for my next competition! He is the best!!

Lake Charles, LA

Kat B

I was introduced to Mike from a college friend of mine who had used him to loose weight and tone up. Let’s face it, in my mid 30’s, no amount of dieting or exercising was helping me to loose weight or tone anything! I felt like if I drank one glass of wine I gained 5 lbs overnight. I had tried almost every “fad” diet out there and nothing gave me the results that I have accomplished with Mike in only 8 weeks! I live a very busy life and I needed someone to tell me exactly what my body needed food wise in order to reboot my metabolism to start loosing weight/toning up. (Insert Mike). I called him almost immediately and we spoke on the phone for 45 minutes about what my goals were with my body. Honestly, I wanted to be able to not starve myself and loose weight all by the foods I eat. I worked out 4-5 days/week already so I knew it wasn’t due to a lack of burning calories. He gave me a plan that was simple to follow even while on the baseball fields (yes, I was that mom that meal prepped and ate out of my containers while watching my son play 😂). I am a very focused and dedicated person and listened to everything Mike told me to do. I can without hesitation say he knows exactly what he is talking about and is very knowledgeable when it comes to certain foods and how the body will react. I have increased weight lifting while following his diet plan and I am still loosing lbs! Do yourself a favor and contact Mike today! If you stick to the plan, you will see the results you are hoping for. I’ve lost 11lbs in 8 weeks and numerous inches. One happy customer 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Vidor, TX

Ami Verde

My whole life I have struggled with my weight and self confidence. Before hiring Mike I had lost a little over 60 pounds by eating clean and working out on my own, but I just couldn’t get out of my slump and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I had 10 weeks to prepare for my beach wedding and decided to seek help from a professional. I interviewed a couple of different trainers, but as soon as I talked to Mike, I knew he was the guy. I hired him on the spot and I’m so glad I did. He asked me what my goals were and did everything he could to get me there. He sent me personalized meals and workouts every 2 weeks. I don’t eat fish or any type of seafood and he catered to that. I also loved the fact that he does it all natural, no diet pills, no protein shakes, and he didn’t put any other chemicals in my body but food. He also had me send him progress pics once a month so he could see if we needed to make changes to the diet or workouts. I have never looked or felt better than I did on my wedding day. The picture I posted is the day before my wedding. I will never be able to thank him enough for the confidence boost he gave me. If you’re looking for a trainer Mike is your guy! You won’t regret it! Remember to stick to the plans he sends you and TRUST THE PROCESS!!

Nederland, Tx

Haley Gilpin

I meet Mike back in 2015 when I was going through a break up and I needed something to focus on to keep my mind busy. I decided I wanted to do a NPC show in October 2015. I ended up places 3rd in my class qualifying for nationals and I’ve been working with him ever since. Mike does not push supplements/steroids like a lot of prep coaches he relies on food to fuel your body to get you to your goals. He’s very knowledgeable and will educate you on why you need to eat certain foods. He’s extremely supportive and responsive he cares about your goals and what’s to help you anyway he can to get you there. Words of advice trust the process and your coach (mike).

The picture I have posted is a starting point and then three weeks later after being on prep. It may be hard but it’s all worth it.


Candace Hodge

Here is my personal testimony! In my teens I grew a love for fitness. Yoga,weight training, running, bike riding, you name it...except Zuma! I can't dance! I was obsessed, woke up at 5am did P90x yoga pretty much every morning then I would hit the gym for weight training. I loved how I was able to sculpt my own body and feel healthy. Fast forward to 27 when I was pregnant with my first child, Jewels (she is 9 today) I started using the bathroom and bleeding TONS. I didn't know what to think, told my obgyn and he dismissed it as hemroids. After I had Jewels the pain started, the blood increased I lost tons of weight, using the bathroom over 20x a day. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had never heard of it, I didn't know how serious it could be, I just ignored it when I was not in a flare up. Once a year the bleeding would start and I would ignore it, it became normal to be and I told myself it would be fine and didn't tell anyone. I would end up in the hospital once a year when the fever would start and I knew I needed to go. I had a lil baby and was usually admitted 9 days at a time. Steriods, c-diff...all things I had never heard of but just felt with it. 2011 I was diagnosed, Sep.3rd 2013 I met my husband that I married 3 months later. He saved my life. The Ulcerative Colitis was getting really bad and they wanted to start remicad(biologics).My husband put me on his insurance right away and I started treatments with horrible side effects and that I would develop antibiodies to. My Gi in Beaumont referred me to baylor to a Gi doctor! She was amazing and we started different treatments that kept failing. I spent at least 10 days of each month for a year admitted to st.lukes, my husband never left my side! Again I never had anyone stay with me and would have never been able to get into such great doctors. We wanted a baby and we got pregnant right away! We were so happy, but I was getting sick again and we lost the baby a week before I had emergency surgery to remove my entire colon and put a colostomy bag on. Mentally I was prepared, knew it could maybe happen. I handled it well, it made it easier that Stephen didn't think it was gross. He loved me no matter what and was a great nurse! We were told to get pregnant while I had the bag because to reverse it abs create a j-pouch would cause scar tissue and maybe block a fallopian tube. We were pregnat 3 months after I had my colon removed. I carried a healthy baby girl Mollie( she's 5 now) to 37 weeks, she was 8.4lbs and tore my uterus🤷‍♀️! Anyway they did the cesarean up and down my stomach the same way they did removed my colon. 3 months after I had her I would start the reversal process to get rid of the bag and get a j-pouch. So exactly 3 months after having mollie they cut me open again up and down my stomach and created the j-pouch inside of me made by my small intestines. I now had a ileostomy bag for 3 more moths(its almost like a colostomy but leaked more). Exactly 3 months after I had that surgery they did the reversal (hooked my j-pouch to my anus)! I had a open wound wear my stoma was, the intestine that stuck out of my stomach. In February, 7 months after I had mollie and all my surgeries to reverse I decided that I was going to get super fit again and do a fitness competition, not to win but to prove to myself that I was capable of anything. Plus I wanted my body back and be in control of it again! I met Mike Thompson when I was pregnant with Jewels, 185 lbs pregnant Lol! We talked about fitness here and there and he knew everything I was going threw and had gone threw. He told me how he created personal meal plans and workout plans that I would do on my own as in cook the food and follow the workout plans. I had never followed a meal prep plan, not a diet but a plan he created just for my body and goals! When he first sent the 1st 2 weeks of meal plans I messaged him and said I have to eat ALL of this?? It was alot, eating every 3 hours and lots of food. Let me tell you it was AMAZING how my body reacted! I was eating all this food and my body was sculpting. New muscles would pop out and lines, definition every week! My husband did it to he lost 20lbs almost instantly. I was inspired by Mike and the plans he was dedicated to providing just for ME to do a fitness competition! I started prepping in February 2016 and did a fitness competition the following December! In the picture you can see the before in the purple and after in the stage bikini! I have known Mike for over 10 years, he knows what he is doing and he loves doing it! He makes it simple because all you have to do is trust him and follow the meal plans(weight literally melts off), you get cheat days too and that's when you really see a change in your body because it shocks it. He does this because he truly loves it and even if you just do the meal plans you will be shocked that your eating so much and the positive way your body takes shape. In 2018 I followed his old meal plans I had and did a photo shoot! My body is different than before, it has scars. It carried 2 healthy baby girls and any goal is possible if you trust the process! I'd say 80% of it is food! Anyways I'm quarantined and gained 10lbs(im not heavy) but Im short and have not been to the gym! I miss it. Soooo Mike is going to provide new workouts I can do at home with bands along with what I already do along with meals. Im still fit, but I want to be the best I can be so in order to achieve that and have some motivation plus thoughtless planning that he provides my goal is by December if not before be almost solid muscle and back into a routine even if it is at home! I will gladly post progress pics or he will or if you have any questions about this awesome progress just message me🙂! Im ready to get back at it!!!December here I come. Thanks again Mike for the support. Trust me your not losing anything by just giving it a shot. You will be shocked!

Port neches Texas

Brenda Villafano

Mike was referred to me by a good friend and I decided to use him to get back into shape 6 months postpartum. I lacked motivation and I needed a fresh start. Being a busy and working Mom of two, I needed something easy to follow and consistent. Mike designed the perfect plan to work around my busy lifestyle and I started seeing results in as little as two weeks and finally started having energy again. It was tough, but he motivated me and helped me stay on track. Mike is professional, knowledgeable, and was always around to answer any questions I had about meals or workouts. On top of being amazing at his profession, he is a Godly person who inspires the community. With his help, I dropped my baby weight and stayed on track thanks to his constant support. Since using Mike, I have referred several friends and they have all been extremely pleased with their own results. Call him today! You will not regret it. Thank you Mike for being such a blessing in my life and to all those who are luck to know you. God bless!

Groves, TX

Blaine Guy

I met Mike in 2015, and how I met him just show what kind of person he really is. I was well into prep for my first ever bodybuilding competition, and had been working with a coach out of Houston. About two weeks before the competition, my coach bailed out on me and left me high and dry. I had a buddy that knew I had been prepping and said you ought to talk to Mike Thompson, he works out at Worlds Gym, and he does training. My buddy told him my situation so he told my buddy to pass his number along to me, and for me to reach out. That same exact day I messaged Mike, and received an immediate response. He immediately jumped into action just as if he had been my coach for the past 12 weeks, and brought me into the last two weeks of my prep. Mike even made the trip to Houston to watch the competition, and that was the first time I even met him in person. He was willing to just step in and help a guy he didn’t even know get on stage successfully. He was so responsive when I messaged him or had any questions, and to this day I will not recommend anyone else but him for training and nutrition. He is very knowledge in every aspect you can be as a coach, and he knows how to manipulate the body to whatever look you are trying to achieve. My wife recently decided she wanted to get a coach to help transform her body, and the only person I would advise her to use was Mike. When she reached out to Mike, he immediately responded to her message and jump on a phone call to start the work. That’s the kind of coach he is, dedicated to his passion and always ready to help you reach your goals. Thanks for being such a great coach Mike, and above all a great person.

Harker Heights, TX

Michael V. Pearce

I began following Mike on Facebook about 3 years ago at a time when I was emerging from the grips of sloth and obesity and entering a period in which I was focused on controlling my eating habits and caring for my body. I had a pretty decent start and lost a great deal of weight... but I was 47 and feared that attaining my aesthetic fitness goals would be impossible. Then I had the good sense to contact Mike and ask if he'd take me on as a client. He was over 50 and had the type of physique I has always hoped to sculpt. I'll say this... he exceeded my expectations in ways I cannot express in words. His workout plans are better than ANY I have seen (and I've seen many)! Mike was critical in getting my body to look the way I had always hoped. I attained muscle growth, incredible vascularity, and looked better than I ever had. The information he provides is not only detailed, but easy to understand. Truth is-- his plan is tough, but I can vouch for its effectiveness! If you stick to his plan, he'll get you where you want to be. I highly recommend Mike and assure you that you will not be disappointed! I'm certainly grateful for what he did for me.


Damien Verde

Mike Thompson knows what he is doing. I’ve always been a avid workout person. I’ve owned a supplement shop and took supplements to help. I’ve walked around at my heaviest bulk look was 215lb. Hired Mike and changed my whole diet, took supplements out and made me realize I could get to where i’m at without spending money on supplements and get what I needed from my foods. The picture I posted I weighed 175lb. I never looked or felt better. Thank you Mike for everything.

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