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Our Services

We offer three lines of services:


Online Meal Plans

Online Workout Plans Virtual

Online Workout Plans in Home

Competition Coaching


   All the services start with a Free Consultation by phone, text or video call. In that conversation we will discuss your current fitness situation and your goals. With that information I will design a Meal Plan that will help you to reach your goals with the guarantee that, from the first day, you will feel energized and never hungry.  My Meal Plans do not eliminate food groups and are not based on counting calories. I will design a plan that will boost your metabolism and will help you to lose weight (if that is your goal) and build muscle.


   Most of my clients, after starting their Meal Plans, will feel the motivation to start working out. At that point, I can incorporate an online routine of exercises to start sculpting your body. I have workouts designed to reach every muscle in your body and I can help you to decide which muscles you need to work to achieve your dream results.


   Consistency and Discipline are very important, but I understand that some clients have some habits that need to be broken. I work very closely with my clients which allows me to get to know each one personally. I enjoy helping them through obstacles and encouraging them along the way.


   Typically my plans are changed every two weeks and monitored closely. I send the plans in advance so you can shop and prepare your meals. Weightlifting is not necessary, but if you have access to a gym I will design something that can maximize your resources.


   The prices of the Meal and Workout Plans start at $79.00 each per month. I can also provide competition level meal and workout plans if that is your goal.


   Contact me by filling the contact form at the end of this paragraph, so we can start a conversation. You can also subscribe to The Blog and follow me on Facebook and Instagram where we have an active community that encourages each other, shares ideas and celebrates the success together. Contact Form



Mike F Thompson

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