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Successful Transformations

Angie Bragg

Angie's commitments and discipline to the plan that Mike designed for her, allowed her to achieve this transformation from June 8th-2021 to August 08-2021. In only two months.

Damien Verde

Damien Verde

Ami Verde

Ami and Damien got on shape before their wedding. Their results were amazing.

Dannie Davis Jr.

Started my last prep with my coach Mike Thompson Weighing 233lbs at 12 weeks out. We are 16 weeks out from @setxcs at 206lbs. Excited to prepare for another show with Mike F Thompson and possibly even share the stage with him!

Brenda Villafano

After several weeks of research and talking to Mike F Mike F Thompson who trained me last Fall, I realized this program is realistic and helps women balance fitness and still being able to indulge. I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule. You can feel healthy, have energy and still live your life. I’m proof that it’s possible. I’m so excited to be able to offer you guys amazing virtual workouts, accountability and a performance line.

Haley Gilpin

The picture on the left is right before I started working with Mike F Thompson and on the right is 3 weeks working with him... A huge change! So excited!! Thank you mike!

Dereck Ra Imhotep Moore

One day I was walking through the gym and Dereck Ra Imhotep Moore said to me "I want to do a competition and when I am ready I am going to give you that look. That day came I got the look no words but the look I,said lets do it . Derek was on his way to his first prep and obstacles got in his way. The decision was made to postpone and pick a different competition so we did. Derek competes Sept 10th and I would say he is right on point. ..

Photo Feb 26, 7 41 53 PM
Photo Feb 19, 3 32 27 PM
Photo May 04, 10 18 05 PM
Photo May 04, 8 41 26 PM
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