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Sitting in the grandkids room watching them play and i look over and saw this Hulk mask. I secretively put it on, when they glanced up i was already in full muscle mode, they just got the biggest grin on their little faces.What a great memory! 💪🏼

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Understanding how nutrition works and how Macro manipulation, rather then counting calories pushes metabolism into gear, is imperative to losing weight and also in giving your body the right amount of each macro to build muscle or tone at the same time as losing weight.

That being said, for those who aren’t familiar with macros they are: Complex carbohydrates (to give your muscles the energy for your workouts) protein (Building blocks to build muscle) Green vegetables ( for nutrients your body needs) and Good fats ( another source of energy) .

The amount of food, the frequency in which you eat (every 3 hrs), the kind of foods, the right percentage of each Macro is what pushes your

metabolism to burn body fat!

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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I want to welcome all to my blog. I am available anytime to guide and/or direct you by way of Q&A’s and in meeting your specific fitness goals. I will assist you in your fitness journey the natural healthy way, to achieve the best results in a timely way.

I guarantee results if you trust the process, so again welcome, I look forward to working with those of you who take fitness seriously and want me to walk along side you in your journey. Iron Sharpens Iron.

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